Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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Personnel Management

The personnel management section of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for overseeing the recruitment, hiring, training, and ongoing professional development of our employees. 

This section ensures that the Sheriff’s Office adheres to relevant employment laws and regulations and strives to create a positive work environment for our entire workforce, both sworn and non-sworn.  Personnel management plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining qualified individuals who are dedicated to serving Worcester County with honor, integrity and professionalism.

Personnel management additionally works collaboratively with the agency training section and assists in the development and delivery of the agency’s training programs as well as managing pre and post-employment administrative processing.

This section handles other aspects of personnel administration, including acting as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and Worcester County Human Resources and managing employee long-term medical benefits and leave.  This section is the custodian of all administrative personnel records, and is tasked with documenting, maintaining and securing personnel files consistent with the Sheriff’s Office confidentiality protocols.