Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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Prisoner Transports & Extraditions

The Sheriff’s Office Judicial Services Division holds the pivotal responsibility of facilitating the secure and efficient transport of prisoners, whether within the State of Maryland or across our state lines, to fulfill court mandates and warrant service requirements.  Situated in a beach resort county, our jurisdiction presents a unique operational dynamic, necessitating our Deputies to diligently pursue wanted individuals beyond our immediate vicinity and ensure their timely appearance in courtrooms both in Worcester County and across Maryland, as mandated by judicial orders.

Beyond the borders of Maryland, our Deputies regularly travel to extradite individuals wanted for trial in Worcester County, employing rigorous procedural protocols to uphold the integrity of the legal process.  This duty requires Deputies to traverse extensive distances, logging tens of thousands of miles annually to execute these essential transports and extraditions.

The commitment of our Judicial Services Division in upholding the rule of law and ensuring the seamless administration of justice underscores the dedication of our Deputies to serve and protect our community, both within and beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of Worcester County.