Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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County Bureau of Investigation

The Worcester Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) is the major crimes investigative unit of the Sheriff's Office.  Although it is a unit of the Sheriff's Office, WCBI is a combined law enforcement investigative team comprised of supervision and detectives from the Sheriff's Office, and assigned detectives from municipal agencies within Worcester County.  WCBI is responsible for the investigation of major crimes, crimes against children, and fraud and vulnerable adult investigations.  If you are the victim of a serious crime in one of Worcester County's municipal jurisdictions, your case may be referred to us from the local police agency that responded to your initial call for service.  If your case is being handled by WCBI, investigators will be in contact with you.


Child Advocacy Center

Investigators of the Sheriff's Office WCBI are assigned specifically to the Child Advocacy Center (CAC).  The mission of the CAC is to provide a comprehensive, culturally competent, multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse in a child-friendly environment. This collaborative team response enhances the investigative process, facilitates the prosecution of those who commit these crimes in Worcester County, minimizes the trauma of abuse for the child victim and the non-offending family members, prevents further victimization, and promotes emotional healing for the child victim and family.

The CAC includes child protection workers, medical and mental health professionals, local law enforcement, Atlantic General Hospital, Life Crisis, Inc., and the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office.  The CAC maintains a website, the link is below.