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Sex Offender Registry Unit

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Unit (SORU) operates under the steadfast commitment to uphold Maryland Law by diligently registering and monitoring sex offenders within our jurisdiction.  Staffed by Deputy Sheriffs specially trained in compliance procedures, the SORU undertakes the vital responsibility of registering sex offenders in adherence to legislative mandates.

Beyond mere registration, the dedicated Deputy Sheriffs of the SORU conduct thorough compliance checks, verifying the accuracy of offender registrants' residential and occupational addresses. This proactive measure ensures the integrity of the registry and promotes community safety by keeping track of the movements and whereabouts of registered sex offenders.

The vigilant oversight provided by the Sex Offender Registry Unit extends to monitoring offenders' employment status, residency changes, and compliance with probationary requirements. In strict accordance with Maryland Criminal Procedure Articles 11-701 through 11-721, offenders are mandated to adhere to check-in protocols established by the SORU.

In cases of non-compliance, where offenders fail to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the statutes, our Deputy Sheriffs are empowered to take appropriate legal action under Criminal Procedure Article 11-721. This ensures that the integrity of the registry remains intact and that offenders are held accountable for their legal obligations.

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including the Maryland DPSCS OffenderWatch sex offender management system.  This innovative platform facilitates comprehensive offender tracking, mapping, and email alerts, enhancing public awareness and safety within our community through the communitynotification.com portal.

Through the dedication of the Deputy Sheriffs of the Sex Offender Registry Unit and the utilization of cutting-edge tools, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding our community and upholding the principles of public safety.

Maryland DPSCS OffenderWatch® sex offender management, mapping and email alert program (communitynotification.com)